How to resolve the conflict between Shareit and PC

How to resolve the conflict between Shareit and Access Connections when PC connect to PC

You have installed the Access Connections program on your computer and created one or more Best Available Network profiles. If the wireless adapter is not placed at the top of the network adapter list in the profile settings, Shareit will not work correctly. Shareit will detect the conflict and prompt you to change the profile settings as follows:

Follow These Steps

  1. Launch Access Connections, and switch to the “Advanced” mode.
  2. Click the “Location Profiles” tab, and select the profile prompted by SHAREit. Then click “Edit”.
  3. On the window that is displayed, select the wireless adapter in the network adapter list and click the “Higher” button to move the wireless adapter to the top.
  4. Click “OK” to save the changes.
  5. If the conflict involves multiple profiles, repeat step 2 to step 4 to change the settings of the remaining involved profiles.

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