Skin Stealer for Minecraft

Skin Stealer for Minecraft If you’re tired of Steve, the popular protagonist of Minecraft, you can give him a complete makeover with Skin Editor for Minecraft, a tool that lets you design a new avatar to replace him.

Skin Stealer for Minecraft includes a section of random skins that lets you give a new look to your Minecraft Pocket Edition. You can even use costumes like Batman, Superman, or Captain America.

To select the new look, just pick the one you want and touch the ‘steal’ option. There are dozens of models you can choose from, from popular comic book superheroes to colorful combinations made by the developer.

When you save your modifications you can choose between Minecraft for PC, the custom launcher for BlockLauncher, or Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android. If you save it for Android, you just have to touch ‘change’ in the last tab.

Once the process is completed, you have to wait 10 to 30 seconds for the app to start a fictitious uninstall and reinstall process that will change the old Steve into the new one.

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